Friday, December 29, 2006

ok...i give in...

Yeah, well. Hi, I'm Jcat, and I'm a blogaholic. It all started with a casual thing I knew I'd read a whole blog. Then I started with the random blogreading, and before I knew it I'd found a few more that I just had to keep up with. As in ... read all of today's entries, and then a few months of archives for dessert.

And now? It was just another small step, I wanted to comment on someone's blog, couldn't do that without signing up, and then there was this whole bright, new untouched blog ID just sitting there. Waiting for me. I've been trying to fight the urge off, keep saying that I'll leave it alone till tomorrow. (I don't HAVE to drink that bottle of's just that I really, really want to....)

This is just too sweet to resist - my first little taste of blogging. Well yeah, OK, I did do the document my life in writing for my psychologist for almost two years. But that was to make up for not being able to verbalise things. Poor t-doc. She had to sit with me for an hour, spend a few minutes trying to weasel out what was happening, then give up and read about my really boring week. And then literally interogate me for more info.

So 2006 was the year of being vocal. I tried hard to talk to people, instead of mailing them. And now I'm undoing all of that good work with just one entry. Where's the Bloggers Anonymous homepage again?

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