Friday, January 26, 2007

how many times a day do you touch your nose?

As I'm painfully discovering tonight, way more often than you think you do! Today was the great nose op, which all went smoothly. The surgeon said though that he'd had to cut much deeper than he anticipated, but he and the lab are happy that they got it all, although that's what they thought 5 years ago, and it still reoccurred. From what I can find out though, BCC often redevelops in the same place, even if it is completely excised.

My nose was numb for the first few hours, but since then is sore as all hell. What is really annoying me though, is that I keep touching it or bumping it accidentally. And I can see the sticking-up bits of the dressing in the corner of my eye, so half the bumping is me unconsciously wiping whatever is on my nose away - after which I swear a lot.

BTW...the plastic surgeon is the same one who, when I saw him 5 years ago, was so sweet and so cute that I plucked up all my courage and asked him to have dinner with me if he wasn't involved. After which his receptionist phoned me to say that he was involved. I almost thought of going to see someone else instead of him, but it would have made everything a lot more complicated. So instead, I just had my fingers crossed that he's forgotten about that little excercise in self-humiliation. He didn't refer to it at all, but maybe he was just being polite. And yes, he is still really sweet and cute and so so sexy. There aren't that many people who look good with those funny little hairnets on, but he is definitely one of them! I know that lusting after your doctor is pretty common, but really. Do I have to keep getting such eminently sexy ones to start off with?

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