Saturday, March 24, 2007

bad thought for the day

I've been trying to do what rehab BossLady said, for Whiz. One of the things she said was 'Hold him in love, gratitude and joy, so that he doesn't have to process your fear and loss'. And a bit more about telling him mentally that he's going to die, but that for him it will be gentle and loving and painless, and that he'll move on to somewhere where he doesn't hurt.

I believe that things like this work, although I don't understand them fully. Then again I believe that aeroplanes can fly, and I don't fully understand that either. But I can see sometimes at work that the way BossLady thinks, and the feelings she transmits have an effect on the animals and birds she is working with. More than her excellent handling and medical skills can account for.

And she is definitely the person with the most meerkat contact, but has never been bitten - she says she telepathically tells them how great the punishment will be, and they back off. Even Twiggy the psychopathic bitch never tried to bite her. Considered it, but never tried.

But if Whiz can understand my good thoughts, how much of a burden have I been placing on him with the misery and negativity of the past couple of years? I've never not loved the animals,never not hugged them and been affectionate. But how much of my desperation have I unwittingly transmitted to him? And has his caring about me placed even more of a strain on his system?

If the good bits work, then the negative ones do too. And I am even more responsible for my dog's pain than I already am just by being his owner.

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