Wednesday, March 21, 2007

happy human rights day

...from a government who is slowly and steadily removing our human rights (all of us, regardless of race and income level). I have always found it rather sweet that they gave us a day upon which to reflect on our losses. Happy HR Day, Mr President. It will be a lot easier to protect your personal rights once your new R90 million security wall has been erected around your property.

I declared it a day for not putting clothes on, and for wandering vaguely around the house moving jobs from one pile to the next. In between feeding birds and animals.

And panicking. My big dog threw up twice this evening. He's been in a lot of pain all day, and for about an hour, just couldn't stand at all. Not sure if the recent ops have triggered the mast cell cancer, or whether it's time to look at what comes after the NSAIDs. Will see the vet tomorrow morning.

And p-doc. My normal delight in the appointment is being tempered by my knowledge that he will kak on me for going up faster than he said I could on the Nardil, and for Monday's drinking extravaganza. And cos I'm going to get there and just start crying. I'm enough, I'm tired, I just don't want to do this anymore. And I don't even believe the Nardil is going to be IT anymore. And I gave him my stash already. That was the stupidist thing of all.

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