Monday, April 16, 2007

sick and sorry

I spent most of last week asleep on the couch. On Friday night I had to go to a compulsory fundraiser, which was tortuous and I know I drank more than I should have. On Saturday I spent most of the day thinking of how much of a relief just dying could be, and blamed it on a hangover. By Sunday, I started thinking that 6 days of diarrhoea, two days of death-warmed-up, and a week of oversleep might be not entirely signs of health.

So being a chicken in terms of physical my p-doc, hate seeing any other something for the diarrhoea from the chemist. That helps a bit, but I still spent most of the day asleep.

And Andy has gone to semi-sane cat lady. She keeps justifying not having a tenant in her cottage due to kitty needs for it. And I had need. I had 4 kitties who wouldn't leave me alone the whole weekend, but who had a fight over every meal. All fights started by 5-year old neutered Toby, who has never had a testosterone related thought in his life. Until now. Supper tonight was a pleasure - everyone ran for it and hunkered down as normal. I have promised cat-lady friend whatever rental she desires, for the next two weeks of her cottage. I think my last offer was dinner at any restaurant she had ever wanted to go to for every two days that Andy stays with her. Cheap at the price of peace in the house....

Still feeling not so good. Don't want to blame it on p-meds, cos then I have to tell p-doc. See how much of tomorrow I spend being sick or asleep before I decide.

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