Sunday, April 22, 2007

ugh...long day

So my quiet day at home turned into going through to the centre with the very sick owl from Friday night, staying there most of the morning. Got home and was just making coffee, when my sister phoned to say their car had broken down and she, BIL and 2 kids were sitting on the side of the road with two weeks worth of holiday luggage about 2 hours south of JHB. So it was off to fetch them, pack everything into my (luckily) capacious bakkie, wait for the tow truck to get there for their car, and back to JHB. Long afternoon, but I was so impressed by my niece (9) and nephew (8) who sat on the side of the road for 4 hours, then crammed into the back with all the luggage and my BIL, and both remained cheerful and happy all the way home. Actually, my niece was in such a good mood that she sang and told jokes for most of the trip - sister whispered to me that after that marathon interactive session, BIL was going to deserve a drink the minute we got home! A kid can tell an awful lot of bad 9-year old 'knock-knock' and 'chicken' jokes in 2 hours.

I dunno, Lily...don't see any hope. I'm just being a bass-ackward idiot as usual. I don't know that having one reason not to die, and that being something I can't even ask for, is really too smart. It works on a day to day basis for now, until I finally realise though that sticking around for something that isn't available even though I don't want to die without it is just more of a waste of time and energy. Day to day, though....

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