Tuesday, September 11, 2007

late again

Last night ended up being another 02h00 in the morning blog-mission. Blame Cranky Professor over at The Cranky Epistles.
Awesome. Not only is she an English professor, but yo! she can cuss! I thought I'd been practicing hard for many years, but she leaves me standing in sheer inventiveness and versatility. Somehow I don't think she ever came close to the PG blog rating.

Don't know why, but I am so reluctant to go to sleep. Not having nightmares with the current meds (Seroquel.....dragons beware!, Nardil too), but just put off taking meds for ages, and no chance that I sleep without them.

Needless to say, morning was the stagger round like a walrus bit again, and only got out the bath finally at about 10h45. Bath naps are different to normal sleep somehow. Couple of collections on the way, and got to the rehab centre about 30 mins after the last oil-soaked bird was washed. Guilt then impelled me to go the very long way home, to drop a trap and pick up another, then to visit Andy's mom in the local informal settlement and drop off cat food as well as all sorts of shampoo and tick dips.

And then home, to feel like a total space-waste ever since. Still have no clue as to when if ever anything that I need to plan for will happen. Not tomorrow, I guess.

For tonight though, it's blog-browsing and Josh Ritter again, until I can talk myself into bed. Guess sleep is the cap on the day, the final sign off on another day of being a failure and an asshole....

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