Sunday, September 16, 2007

weekends were made to be wasted more ways than one. I achieved the basics - fed all the little birds, albeit both of Friday night's babies didn't make it. Washed the pigeons and slung them out into the aviary. Met rehab-boss at a 'body mind and spirit faire', comforted the body with two new t-shirts, some pure salt crystals (negative ions), and some incense. Green apple and cannabis. Hey..I had to. Don't think anyone in this country would believe that one would burn cannabis incense rather than the real thing. Swear, sometimes I really do think I stopped maturing at 15 - that is such a teenage thing to buy.

Other than that - afternoon nap yesterday and a wordwar with ex next-door neighbour. I figure that one of the rules of borrowing stuff - apart from asking nicely and returning it when requested - is to accept that just sometimes, people might have plans for their own possessions that include using them. And then don't get fucking rude and huffy about it.

So today's plans were so overladen with her resentment that after I'd checked out an injured dog in the informal settlement and made arrangements to pick it up tomorrow for a vet trip, I ended up not playing in the garden and slept most of the afternoon instead. Finished off with one of the most confused and overwhelming dreams I've had in ages. All sorts of people and crowds and feelings of inadequacy whatever I did. And pizza, lots of pizza in there. Not that sure I want to know what the dream interpretation guides would say about pizza-nightmares. Even ones with goat's cheese, rocket and sundried tomatoes.

My sister and BIL are just back from Russia, where she says that the tour matriarch's first task was to teach them to drink vodka like Russians. I suspect the guide had had a few to demonstrate when she came up with this wisdom : 'one bottle is too much, two is almost right and three is not enough'. So I'm about a third of too much, and a hundred percent ready for sleep....

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toni said...

So how do Russians drink Vodka? Any diffently than the rest of us?

You get a lot done during a wasted weekend. I don't even get dressed. I just lie on the couch and watch TV. That will change soon, though. I've been living with my daughter since I got out of the hospital, but next week I'm going to drive back to Kentucky, go home and go to work again.

So maybe I'll have enough "must do" items in a day to pull me out of my funk. I think I'll take up Vodka drinking to help me through the transition!

take care, Toni