Wednesday, October 17, 2007

waste of an entire f**ing year

just had a mail from my exceedingly feeble boss, telling me that the project I have put in huge hours and stress on for most of this year has now been shelved indefinitely. I am so pissed off, and so depressed about it too. Between the data centre management and the account management I am not sure which is the most useless bunch. I'm a tech support drone, and it's not up to me to convince clients - that's why I have multiple layers of management.

I know I should go and dig in the garden or something to vent, but my neck hurts too much already. Not sure if it is a Manerix s/e or impending tick bite fever (picked up a tick from the baby jackals last week, yecchh!) but my neck has been really sore since Monday, after going up on the Manerix in the morning. Will check with pdoc tomorrow, but meantime I really don't feel like ending up with sore shoulders as well.

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