Friday, November 30, 2007

delivery day

...even though I was about 3 hours later than planned, semisane cat-buddy and I delivered 4 baby jackals to their release site an hour south of town, where they'll be hacked out for the next month. We also took a whole family of dassies (rock hyraxes) that were found in the engine of someone's car. Stupid cow thought she'd get them to leave by driving at top speed down the highway. Luckily the dassies hung on tight, so she then sent the car for a full valet clean - the garage were the ones who called us for assistance in removing 6 little biting creatures from the engine compartment. They got a great release site, and headed off into the bush at great speed.

Before that we dropped off the 4 surviving goslings, 3 swallows, an adult goose and two teeny Thick-knees at the centre. Last night's death toll was 2 goslings, a hadeda ibis killed by my dogs, a pigeon and Weeny one the mousebird. Bummer. Just call me rehabber-Kevorkian.....

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