Saturday, November 17, 2007

weirdo things for the day

1. Blogger finally started accepting the tick in the little box that says 'remember me'. After about six months of ticking it every day. Yeehaw!! This is so awesome to me that I realise I am now officially a total and complete loser. I mean shit, when something like this excites you to delirium, what else can you possibly be, apart from a total loser?

2. Quote for the day. Only in South Africa. Story about a bunch of robbers who attacked a farm, killed one of the farm workers by hitting him on the head with a piece of iron and shot the farmer twice. So, the police spokesman says:
"...four of the five armed men were arrested by police and the community after the incident. One of the men seems to have committed suicide and fell into a nearby river."
And while I think that assholes like that should most definitely fall into rivers, I couldn't help but start laughing at the 'seems to have' quote. Preferably they should fall into the river with about 100kg of iron tied close to the neck.

3. I can't even remember how many nights I have been on call for, or when it got bad. Think the bad bit started last weekend, and kind of think that both the customers who are having issues are not actually issues caused by the DBA team or software. But I am too stupid to be able to prove it, so until my team leader is back at work on Monday, I will have to live with callouts at 20h00, 23h00, 02h00 and 05h00. And with not being able to prevent them because I am an idiot.

4. Bird homing for the day: 3 mousebirds to mad mynah lady for release in her garden, and two mynahs to live with her. Bird gain for the day: 4 doves from assorted places. Oh, and two flycatchers from yesterday, who have now eaten my entire mealworm culture plus half of cat-ladies scroungings. Tomorrow I go shopping. For mealworms. God, my life is so exciting. Bird in transit: a heron with a broken wing. Got the call. Thought about my current level of bird-chasing skills, and phoned goose-chasing buddy to help out. The understanding was that I hold her baby while she leaps on birds. I'm crap at holding babies, but my skills at that are stupendous compared to my running after fast birds. Dropped him off at vet friend for assessment. Probably a euthanase, but I didn't want to make that call.

5. What I've spent about the last 3 hours doing: reading the blogs from a blogswap, one of whom was Red red whine. Found three amazing new blogs who have made me read for hours, but will need to ask permission before I link to them. Tomorrow, once I've finished reading their archives back to when blogger was invented.

Wow. Saturday nights used to mean dates and having fun. When did I get so goddamn old...

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