Friday, January 25, 2008


Duckbuddy and I met for coffee today, after she texted me earlier in the week. We hadn't seen each other or spoken at all really since the really ugly fight we had in about August last year. She'd sent messages in Dec, and I'd said I'd rather not meet her. This time, I figured it would be a good idea.

I'll always regret the things I said, because I was really nasty. And seeing her will always remind me of what a bitch I can be. But it was so good to see her again, and she is still one of the sweetest, smartest people I know. Even though I will never quite understand why she would want to be friends with me, I am glad that she does.

And now, having worked again till past my bedtime, even if not to 05h00 yet again, I need to sleep. I was walking dead this morning, and have a morning full of meetings about this project. At least I have done enough this week to (hopefully) not get my ass kicked really hard.

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