Monday, March 10, 2008

mental marathon

the past three days. I am exhausted, and in fact have been sleeping on my desk for the last two hours. Had to wake up long enough to do a small bit of work, and am going to be asleep again very shortly. Yesterday was the worst I have been in ages because for some reason there was just so much tension mixed in. By about 2 a.m. I was seriously thinking of taking a timeout and just crawling into a hospital bed for a few days. By this morning though, arranging that was just beyond my organisational ability, and I chickened out.

However the miserable message from the early hours was still on the answering machine, so pdoc's office lady called, and after I'd finished sobbing on her shoulder, he sent a script for the next candidate up for wonder drug of the decade. Tofranil, which is one of a very short list that we haven't tried in the past three years. God, I really really hope that this is going to be the one that works.....


Aqua said...

Me too Jcat, I hope this helps you.

Lara said...

ME TOO, JCat. I'm sending you hugs.