Tuesday, September 16, 2008

confusion reigns even more

what can I say. Dude collected posessions on friday, I have howled for 4 days solid, even while I did a 200 km round trip to pick up a small duiker (alsation sized buck)that had been hit by a car - but was pretty damn feisty nonetheless - and deliver him to our antelope-specialist vet.

Today he appeared out of the blue for 'coffee'. He had it. I am even more of a wreck than I have been for the last couple of weeks. Posts on either/both blogs to follow, once I have found where I mistakenly left my brain. Cos it sure as heck ain't with me today...

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human carvery said...


I am not sure you want to hear this but I think he is being mean & selfish, you have said where you stand & he is trying it on, in my not very wise opinion, I find it hard to believe he is thinking of your feelings in this, take care of you, if you find my brain when hunting I am just right over, pass it over