Friday, November 21, 2008

the tao of shopping

so the dude was on his way here this morning when his car decided to cook a bit of wire to crispy status, and then melt the corresponding fuse. First that he knew of it all was when smoke started drifting out of the cubbyhole. After that, neither of us were too keen on him driving all the way here and then back home until said wire bits have been checked out properly.

I ended up meeting him at his preferred mall, and we went grocery shopping again. He needed a couple of small things for the weekend, I needed copious amounts of cat food, dog food and bird food. People food I'm not doing this week. And once again, it struck me that everything with him is good, even the blah bits that are normally just get them done over and done with things.

It's just the way he is, the way he sees things, the comments he makes. He is interested in so many things, and he notices so much about everything. And he sparks the same kind of observations from me.

Just over 9 months (OK, not subtracting the days where I am convinced it is all over for ever) of involvement with him and 2 of knowing him before that, and it still seems that everything in the universe is better when it's with him....

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