Wednesday, December 10, 2008

almost forgot!

how could I not include the long awaited handover! Was thinking about what I should get pdoc for Christmas, since I saw him last thurs just befor he closed shop till Jan. Eventually decided that in the absence of any inspired ideas, I'd go with the one thing I knew he'd like. My med collection. I counted it all out, arranged it nicely in a couple of bottles tied up with a nice ribbon, and gave him my 589 almost-guaranteed pills that have been my safety net for a while. He was pleased, very pleased. I'm more than pleased that I have felt ok enough for long enough that I could give them up. He spent the rest of the appointment ribbing me about the dude. Asked with a serious expression if I thought he could hire the dude as a surrogate therapist and sniggered gleefully when I said that I'd have to refuse the job on dude's behalf. Laughed even more when I told him that since he was the one who nagged me into training in the first place, I was holding him responsible for all the vagaries of the dude-relationship. And then gave me a huge hug before sending me off for two months till I see him again.

This time last year, I was so scared of not seeing him over the holidays, and he made me see his rooms partner just in case. What a huge change there has been....

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Aqua said...

Hi Jcat,
I am so happy to hear how you are feeling. What an awesome idea for a x-mas present to the pdoc. It really is amazing to watch you grow and become more independent and happier before my eyes. You give me hope.