Sunday, January 14, 2007

antisocial days

Saw someone asking about prosocial activities, haven't seen the term before. But I guess its fair.

These have been exceedingly a/s days. For the whole weekend, I have talked only to dogs, cats and visiting birds. Am going to be releasing the three mousebirds tomorrow at a really great garden site for them, and the temptation to blow kisses on 2-legs's tummy is almost irresistable. Other than that doing it would negate the 3 months of completely withholding contact, so that hopefully he wont go and sit on the wrong persons shoulder. I have had some sms chatting to Duckling, my psycho buddy. And I've been ignoring calls from rehab friend. I am still way too cross with her to talk without exploding. On Monday, she was at the centre (about 35 kms away), I was at home, she lives about 10 blocks from me, I asked her to please bring home two mynahs for me. Note...bring home, not fall in love with or anything. Not even feed if she couldn't bear to do that. I know she doesn't like the mynahs, I know that strictly speaking they are not treated by our rehab centre. She refused. I drove all the way across town, to pick up one. The other had been euthanased before I got there. So while she feels that she has moral virtue on her side, I feel that all she has on her side is a dead bird that didn't need to die. And I guess, she gets the dead friendship too. Stupid maybe, but given that I do an awful lot of pick-ups and favours for her, just occasionally I'd like the big favour I ask to be granted.

Harummph. Think today I am undergruntled extremely.

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