Thursday, January 4, 2007

the best part of this week... that I got to see my p-doc today. Seeing as he and t-doc have a first name almost the same, and seeing as she's always been affectionately known as girl-shrink, he's also known as boy-shrink. No disrespect intended.

It's been a long, long month since I last saw him, and while I wholeheartedly agree that he deserves a holiday more than anyone else I know, I've been trying to keep my head down and just endure the days until he came back.

Funnily enough, Shrink Rap posted yesterday on covering her practice while she occasionally gets a bit of private life. Boyshrink carries a pager, and three (!!) cell-phones. Or it might be 4 by now. If you want him out of hours, you need to page, and he will then call back asap. He doesn't respond to any of the phones, those are purely to call with. The hospital where he admits has 5 shrinks using it, and they cover weekends from Fri afternoon till Mon am, for each other - so he works one weekend out of five. When he is away, either one of the others will stand in, or he will arrange for someone else to cover. I don't call unless it's a really boring but needed med query. Don't really have much to say to anyone else, not about anything that matters.

The only thing I don't like about him....
- is that he is my doctor. It's not transference, cos that normally takes longer than about 5 minutes, but I've been in love with him since I met him. There is only one criteria that he falls short (heehee) on, and that's that he would be absolutely and completely perfect if he was about 5 inches taller. Unfortunately, apart from the professional bit, he's also married - and if he was the sort of man who'd overlook either of those, he wouldn't be the sort of man that I love him for being.

One of the nicest things about him...
- is that he does know how I feel, and hasn't made any kind of issue about it. And he also knows how much I need physical contact at the moment, and still gives me a quick hug on the way out.

Welcome back, J - I've missed you a lot.

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