Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey, who stole half of january!!

Seems to have disappeared way too fast, somehow.

My fortune cookie for the day told me 'you will achieve success by doing things today rather than tomorrow'. I know, I am procrastinating big time, but if it's measured against mood, it mostly ends up being things that there isn't any point in doing now. If you can't see a future, there's very little that needs to be prepared for it, apart from trying to keep things neat and tidy, and understandable for your executor.

My kick in the ass for today was going to have the dressing on my massively purple nose checked. The surgeon does a lot of major reconstruction work, and one of the guys I was waiting with was a young man of about 25, who had been zapped by 1200A of electricity. He had major burns on 80% of his body, spent 3 months in a coma, and still has a whole lot of treatment to go through. Makes one little nose kind of fade in comparison.

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