Saturday, February 24, 2007

a feather-full house

Birds for the day:

12 pigeons and a finch - outside
4 mynahs - outside
6 mynahs - inside, feeding on own
4 mynahs - inside not eating on own
3 thrush pinkies - ""
3 pigeons - ""
2 doves - ""
1 mousebird - ""
3 sparrows - ""
1 crested barbet - ""
1 olive thrush - ""

Tomorrow I am working fullday at the centre. T-doc offered to call me at 06h30 to try get my lazy fat ass out of bed, so I can get to the centre on time. Not going to be fun - me and a bunch of newbies, so most of the day will be spent doing the feeds and medication that they can't do yet, and in between, explaining a million times how to prepare food items, and how much, and where things are. And the same again on Monday morning. I am tired already, just thinking about it.

And of course, all the babies who aren't feeding themselves have to come with me.

Took Leponex at about 16h30, so hopefully I won't feel so dead in the morning. P-doc reckons go to 3 without waiting, seeing as 2 did nothing.

Just stuffed my obese and ugly face with barbecued ribs. Bad thing about current meds is that I am pretty much not hungry at all until about 15h00, so I end up not eating all day. And then when it gets to evening, I suddenly start wanting food, and then I eat too much.

US readers...anyone know much about Optifast personally? The web site looks encouraging, but then it would, seeing as it is written by the manufacturer. Was reading about a woman who lost huge amounts of weight in the current book - "Love's Executioner" by Irvin D. Yalom. Very good book - cases of psychotherapy from his practice. And the Optifast sounds very effective too.

Meanwhile, let me take myself off to bed with the furballs and the fervent hope that tomorrow is bloody marvelous rather than just bloody Sunday.

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