Thursday, February 15, 2007

kitty valentines

One of the monster-boys celebrated his version of Valentine's Day just after I went to sleep last night. No idea why, but I woke up to feel little sniffling whiskers. Followed by little fangs in the earlobe. I screamed. All 4 cats leapt from the bed and ran away. Personally, I thought screaming was a very controlled reaction to unexpected pain in a sensitive area.

Full morning today. Feed and clean all home birds. Pack all that I could divert to the centre into carrying cases. Deliver them before early appt with t-doc (accompanied by 6 babies that I was keeping, but who couldn't stay home on their own) where I just cried and got miserable. Funniest thing for the session was telling her that I could dumped by the online dating guy from the weekend. Before we even got to the dating bit. We exchanged more than 80 emails and text messages between Sat afternoon when he contacted me the first time, and Tues afternoon. Provisional date for tomorrow. On Tue he asked for a picture. Haven't heard from him since. Only reason I'm not miserable about it is that I am so miserable anyway that I figure its probably a good thing. BTW, the faking bit is something i'm very good at doing for other people, including even my friends and family, never mind strange men on the net.

Then it was off to p-doc, where I started crying before I even said hello. So it's new med plan again - phase out Cipralex, start on Leponex, keep others the same, don't do too much more until after he gets back from national shrink-congress. Then start planning Nardil. Of course, all of this changes if anything actually ever works.

After that it was vet visit, to get little broken legs splinted properly. That's an art form all on it's own, bending paperclips and toothpicks to the right angles to support the leg, and then bandaging them so that they are secure without being tight. Mynah boy, of course, screamed as if he was being tortured by fire, and did his best to bite the vets fingers. Seeing as it's mostly a bird practice though, and they are used to hearing screaming parrots and macaws, nobody even blinks at loud shrieks. And being bitten by a mynah is negligible after an owl has dug the pointy bit of his beak into the side of your nail and held on for 3 minutes. (That particular incident, as the owl bit me, the vet said 'great, now hold still in that position...', and ignored my semi-audible moans and swearing).

And by then it was lunchtime and I was so exhausted that I came home and vegetated. As if I had done something constructive. Ha ha..

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