Sunday, February 4, 2007

may you live in interesting times

- that's supposed to be a reallly nasty thing to wish on anyone. And I'd be OK with the current times being a bit less interesting.

So after big-time wipeouts on Weds, Fri and Sat, today was done on auto-pilot. Wake up, feed babies, take tortoise to the best reptile vet in town - it came in on Sat with a massive depressed shell fracture, which was clearly not new, since there were maggots and flies deep in the wound. Going to be major surgery for her, just to see what's happening inside, and I suspect that it will be just too much internal damage and infection to fix. Then helped the new tenants in my cottage to move in. The previous tenant had been here for 3 years, the whole way through her university studies, and was an absolute angel. Only thing she didn't do was tell me that quite a few areas needed damp-proofing, so that now has to happen with the new tenants in residence.
For some really unknown reason, I signed up for an online dating thing - blame it on Guiness Girl, and her posts! So far I have had 3 indications of interest, one of which has done my mood a whole lot of good. He is 32 (9 years younger than me), very cute, student (but has just spent a tour of duty with the marines in Germany), did I mention cute? And seems to have a fascination with fatter, older ladies. And likes to give massages. Whoooohhhh! He came to JHB this weekend, but when I have a huge nose wound that is not looking to good - it's a bit grey and oozy, and don't think it's supposed to look quite like that - I figured I'd postpone a meeting for a drink or two until next time round.
Trying to think of positives about this meerkat trip. So far, all I have come up with is that I'm going to be doing way more excercise than normal, in great heat, so between sweating a lot and drinking water, I should flush my system out a bit, and maybe even lose a few kgs. Especially if I only take minimal amounts of food with, and no treats. Well, will have to get go-ahead from surgeon first.
Have cheated again, ended up having a few drinks last night, and again tonight. Not nearly as much as I had been, so I'm hoping my tolerance is dropping and that I'll get to falling over levels much sooner.
One of the bad things that we've discovered over the last year is that my liver seems to have way more efficiency than the rest of me. As in I can tolerate high dosages, with very minimal side-effects, and those I am willing to live with if only the damn meds would do their jobs. Went some for some genotyping tests earlier this year, but all that they showed was that I was within the normal and efficient parameters. The only funny liver bit so far was when Dr J sent me for - amongst other things - liver function testing, and he'd said in advance that with my alcohol abuse, I should expect some poor results. Well...they came back to show that I have an impressively active liver, that is actually just so, so healthy all round! I think J was a bit disappointed - not that he would wish anything bad on me, but that he was hoping to be able to say that there was noticable lifestyle damage. I did manage to refrain from more than a few seconds of smugness...
Seeing t-doc tomorrow. Good, I need a bit of hand-holding and kicking me back to a less destructive path.

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