Monday, February 5, 2007

little things dying all over

Started this morning with a dead mynah. Passed through a couple of euthanased birds (paramyxa and trichomoniasis), and another that will go that route tomorrow - spinal injury. Finished with a dead red-faced mousebird.

And in between...I had a dentist appointment which turned into a whole new crown, saw t-doc and just cried for an hour, and my nose looks/smells like it is either infected or just rejecting the graft.

And worst of all, what happened to my poor Duckbuddy. She lost her 20 year old cat a couple of months ago. After a while, her husband brought home (unexpectedly) two Burmese kittens of almost 3 months. Last week he was away on business, and the male kitten developed overnight signs of some really bad disease, which is apparently chronic in Burmese, and which, she discovered, is known to be congenital by the breeder. So h/b took him back to the breeder over the weekend. This morning, she put a load of laundry into the washing machine...and when the wash finished, they found that the little girl kitten had crawled into the machine, probably for a nice comfortable nap, and had drowned. DB is shattered, and nothing I can say is going to take that little corpse off her conscience. It's been a really bad couple of weeks for her already. I want to help, but I'm so close to sucking exhaust already, that there isn't very much I can offer. Just wish I could wave a wand...

Oh, and in between all the cr*p, there was one funny bit. I see an amazing dentist, who I was referred to by my rehab boss. In turn, I've sent him a couple of my closest friends. And discovered that another friend has been seeing him for 20 years or more. So this morning I'm lying there with my mouth half numb, and he checked to see if my meds are still the same, to which I said yes, for at least the next 3 days. He tells me that all I really need is the right medication, and that he has just the right Dr for me. Sings his Dr's praises for the next few minutes - turns out he (dentist) has really bad panic attacks, but all is well now thanks to Dr putting him on the right meds. Tells me to see Dr J, who is frantically busy, but I might be able to get in with a referral from dentist. So the next time he took his fingers out of my mouth so that I could talk, I told him that yes, Dr J is amazing, and I've been seeing him for 18 months! Well, after that he kept me on short rations for the nitrous oxide...kept telling me that Dr J wouldn't want me floating around the place half-stoned...

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