Wednesday, February 7, 2007

of noses and nothing

I saw nose surgeon this morning. Quite strange, when I arrived for last week's appointment, the whole reception was packed full, with a good mix of people who were early, people who were late, people who were emergency referrals....I ended up seeing him 2 hours later. Not a problem, it just gives me two hours of Sudoku with a good excuse as to why I am just sitting around doing puzzles.

Today, I was the only person there other than the reception staff, and I got to see him 5 mins earlier than scheduled. And out within 5 mins too. He wasn't particularly happy with the way the graft is healing, so now have a week of oral and cream antibiotics before he takes the stitches out.

When I asked his opinion of whether I should go spend two weeks chasing little meerkats around in the semi-desert all day, he thought I was joking at first - but wasn't quite sure why I thought that would be amusing. When he realised I was serious, he said no way. Not at all in the next two weeks, and after that only once he is satisfied with the scar.

I feel like an absolute jerk about this, cos I had to tell my rehab boss that I was pulling out - had warned her on Monday, but still...basically 2 days notice. At the same time I am relieved, that I won't have to go out there and fail a group of meerkats because of my stupidity and unfitness. I'm not sure which is worse now, doing it or not doing it.

I guess at least Nic won't die of disappointment, whereas my failings would have jeopardised the lives of the tribe.

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