Monday, February 19, 2007

traditional coloured monday

Started off with only waking up at 08h10. Should have fed babies by 07h00, should have been at rehab centre by 07h30. Got there too late to be very useful, so mostly stuffed around feeding my babies. Then - idiot that I am - ended up taking another 4 from the centre, one mousebird and three (day-old) thrushes (?). As if I didn't have enough already to neglect. It's so dumb, because I stress about doing a good job myself if I take them, and stress that they wouldn't get enough care at the centre because the clinic is so full and boss-lady is away.

Heard as well that Timone, the meerkat who lived with one of our vets, had died suddenly, probably of a heart attack. He was the first meerkat to come into the centre as an unwanted pet, and at the time, it was decided that the vet should keep him - she knew what she was taking on, and had all the expertise and permits etc. Very sudden, and unexpected. We'll miss him at all the fund-raisers and events, as - even with all we know about how unsuited they are to being pets - Tim was kept stimulated and with enough attention, so that he remained a sweet and affectionate animal. RIP, Timone...

Rush to get to t-doc via a pick up of two doves, then spent an hour sitting there crying over nothing. She probably really wishes that I would fall over the nearest convenient cliff because it just seems to be the same stupid stuff for so long now. There IS nothing wrong that can be changed - except me. Everything else in and around my life is good. Not that t-doc is ever anything but nice, and supportive, but if I think 'enough already' every day, it must be even more so for her.

Bought some fresh veg for the centre because we didn't get our normal weekend donation, took it there, got talked into fetching a bird a few km's away that was "lying on the lawn not looking too good, and not flying away". Well yes...normally birds that are dead do find it hard to fly away when you approach. Hit rush hour traffic all the way across town to fetch another three little doves.
So the slightly less populated stabilisation area at home is now fully populated again. And because I stuffed up my morning shift today, I got my arm twisted into coming in tomorrow as early as possible, and for the whole afternoon.

No coffee with my Duckbuddy today, and probably none tomorrow either.

My nose hurts, and the last couple of stitches are pulling, and there's still a scab the size of my thumbnail. And having assessed my profile over the weekend (took 3 mirrors artfully arranged before I could see it side on without rolling my eyes and looking even dumber) - I can't think of anyone well known who has a dildo-nose like this. It starts off straight and strong, then has a little bump, followed by a noticible change of slope followed by a blob on the end. Actually, now that I'm trying to describe it - looks a lot like one of the slopes at Arrowhead, Co. One that normally has a few unexpected moguls, and a strange ending. Coooooool bananas...
my nose and a weird ski slope. Except that half my nose is red and the rest is mottled shades.

And there's a whole bunch of other things that I'd moan about, but I think they probably all fall under the TMI label.

If I'm honest - so does the whole blog. TMI applies just as much to boring as it does to intimate. (But I'll promise to tell you anyway if I ever ever get laid again....)

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