Sunday, February 18, 2007

klutz comes to town

My parents are in JHB for the weekend. The good news is I got through the loud and raucous evening without drinking anything other then Coke Lite. The bad news is that (stonecold sober) I walked around the table, kicked the edge of the paving, knocked over the ice-bucket for the wine, swore loudly, and ended up flat out on the ground. Mortifying, very mortifying. I think maybe drinking alcohol is good for me - I never make an ass of myself like this when I've had a few.

Have been having a huge 'find free downloads of all the really esoteric SA music from the last 20 years' surf. Managed to find a few, but now I'm going on a mission -tomorrow, cos it's way past bedtime. What started this was trying to find 'Delaray', a storm in a huge teacup at the moment. It's a reasonably ok, rousing singalong kind of song - the sort that you have to listen to 300 times in a week, and then never want to hear again. General Delaray was a Boer leader in the Anglo-Boer war, and from the sounds of it, one of the good guys. But everyone is leaping up and down saying that this a call to arms for the far right Boere - hell even the guy who wrote it and sings it says its not. It's just a catchy song about the Boer War, and a bit of historical culture. I see even the loony dudes in the States are commenting on and linking to it. Pity they can't understand the words as they are; a translation loses all the poetry and meaning of many of the phrases.

Rehab in the morning, so better try get some sleep.

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