Tuesday, March 13, 2007

meerkat magic

Some of the meerkat (suricata suricatta) photos from the rehab centre - for Michael in Australia...

Some of the babies born at the centre

First dig in free earth - release Feb 07

Hacking out site - a safe den in an old aardvark burrow! Feb 07

A full belly, morning sun, two wives - a contented meerkat...

The Nuns from Hell - these 5 meerkat females saw off every male we tried to introduce, and were eventually released in a 'granny flat' with one of the other groups. Their aggression prompted one of the less charitable of the volunteers to be overheard saying "thats it. no more bitten boys. if they never get laid again it's their own damn fault!" Said volunteer was bleeding profusely at the time...

This miserable looking lad had led his group in a successful dig-out from their enclosure - a feat that required a tunnel 3 foot deep and over 6 foot long, camouflaged at the entrance by rocks, and exiting under a tree. First thing he did was race off to one of the other groups and pick a fight through the mesh. His left arm had severe bites, the right was broken by his sparring partner and had to be splinted for over a month.

- ownership of all pics is held by the rehab centre.

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