Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ok, so a quick not all birdy one as well

Now bear in mind I don't bear grudges, and I normally don't notice them being borne against me. And I am 100% so not paranoid or delusional. Ok, the bit where I slept on the couch for two weeks after a burglary while I was in hospital last year might quality as slightly paranoid, but the reason for it was because the lounge is more central, and I could hear noises from all around. Eventually, I had to go back to sleeping in bed 'cos 4 kitties piled on top of me on the couch was not helping any of us to sleep well.

But I could start feeding a bit delusional, and it's all Bloggers fault. Posted comments on two of my favourites. The one was there for a few minutes, but when I went back an hour or two later, it was gone! And the second went off to the moderation dungeons, and never reappeared. Not as if they were bad comments. Boring is probably their worst characteristic, but they weren't that bad, I don't think. And they were short too.

So: Blogger hates me. Bummer.

Been doing all the helpful things, and they aren't doing anything. So after about a 3 week hiatus, left bicep and a few inches around have the 'torture of a thousand cuts'. Left forearm has the 3 single stripes. Sick, sick, sick. But letting the tension out along with the blood somehow helps me not to do more.

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