Wednesday, March 7, 2007

sore day

I woke up last night at about midnight feeling a lot of pain. Once I'd worked out that it wasn't in any way kitty related, I tried rolling over. Ouch. Seemed to be somewhere around the middle of my back, but extending around to the front in a couple of places. I was totally out of it on the risperdal/leponex combo, plus I'd taken a sleeping tab. Unfortunately none of those were enough to stop me waking up every 40 mins in agony. I eventually ended up in the bath at 05h00, in the hope that warmth and floating would help. Not much.

Reluctantly, it was off to the doc after I'd taken big dog to the vet to have his lumps removed. Doc was just a totally horrible, upsetting experience, from the time I got there and asked for an appointment. Ended up eventually standing in the main street crying because the whole thing just made me feel like such a useless piece of scum. Not what I really needed. Came home and spent the rest of the day trying to find a position that I could stay in for longer than 30 secs without hurting. Doc had basically told me that with current p-meds he could do just about nothing for the pain.

Forgetting that it was Weds, and p-doc was off for the afternoon, I called at about 16h00 to see if he could suggest anything. When he called back, he said there were all sorts of things that I could have taken. The only painkillers I have in the house were 6 paracetamol tabs from I don't know when - an hour after taking 2, I could sit without crying. So one more tonight, one more in the morning if needed, and then I get to see p-doc. Somehow though, I don't think he is going to feel too kindly about prescribing pain meds when he sees what I did to my arm without them.

Big dog, by the way, seems to show no ill effects from his day in surgery. Will have to wait for the lab reports, but touch wood all three lumps are benign. He's a very special dog, and like to have him here and happy for many years to come. He was doing one of his tricks this morning that contributed towards him failing puppy-training. He doesn't mind the collar and lead at all, in fact he loves them. But the question of who holds the end of the lead is - in his opinion - non-negotiable. He does. I'm allowed to hold the middle of the lead, but it kind of ruins the neat and orderly walk that one needs in training. Actually, on the farm, when he came with me to do the early morning vegetable stuff, I gave up on the conventional way of walking. I used to give him the handle bit, and clip the other end to my belt. And in about 3 years of doing that, he never once dropped the lead and ran off, as he could have done at any time. Sweet, soppy big guy...a very special dog.

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