Friday, March 2, 2007

risper'd out...

Feel like I have been taking some illegal drug - unfortunately not one of the fun ones! Sticking at 100mg Leponex, 11.25mg Zopimed, 20mg Tertroxin. But the lithium goes from 450mg at night to 450mg at night and 225mg in the morning. And Risperdal comes in at 0.25mg BID. Apart from being absolutely flaked out for most of the day, I also feel like I'm not all here, slow thoughts, just a general feeling that I am about 10 steps behind where I should be. Mild tremor, mild soreness in muscles. Mild hypotension. Major sweating, but I've had that all along with the TCAs. And seeing as it's about 32 degrees (C) at the moment and I am an absolute fatball - can't blame Risperdal for that. Not going to take the sedative tonight - think that's fairly well covered by the Leponex/Quilonum/Risperdal combo.

Wow...what a life. Friday night and I'm in bed by 22h30. I guess having to get up early for the little finches is a good excuse. They are now used to me being mommy, so as I walk into the room the buzzing starts.

Bad day from the bird side though. The little grey baby died this morning. I had to fetch two pigeons, and have them both euthanased because of old and bad fractures. A Black-collared Barbet came in with a broken leg, so will need to take him thru to the bird vet tomorrow morning - it's too high for me to be able to splint/strap it. And another pigeon with probable paramyxo virus.

This was all from home, I chickened out of doing the afternoon shift at the rehab centre. Spent the day buying music online - all sorts of sad songs, mostly in Afrikaans, and doing and redoing the playlist for the 'last CD'. As a good JAP (or kugel, in SA) would say "music to die for, doll". This was in between going to fetch birds from all over, and taking my big dog to the vet. He has a couple of small bumps on his face, and as he has already been operated on for mast cell cancer, I'd prefer to have them whipped off and biopsied.

So to bed, with Harry Potter (#4), am rereading the whole series. If you want something to perve at, look for pics of Daniel Radcliffe in his Equus role. Yo. There should be laws about letting 17 year olds look so! Makes fat old cows like me feel positively pedophiliac. Apparently the show is almost porno in places, but it's playing to packed houses, and I'd hazard a guess that a good chunk of the audience is there purely for Daniel's strip scenes. Oh well...let me take the clean-cut and innocent version off to read in bed.

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