Tuesday, March 20, 2007

so monday beats sunday

Well...in terms of stated objectives, at least.
I didn't get wasted on Sunday, and I didn't cut. Instead, I spent a trazillion hours looking up vet net stuff.

Today I took my ex-fiancee (and best friend) to meet my new motorbike. Someone had to do it with me, I was dying to show it off. He and I were engaged and living together for 9 years, and we've been best friends for about 15.

He loved my new bike, told it how sexy it is, and understood how Cowley exhausts, Michelin tyres and Showa shocks can influence a girl.

And then after that we went for lunch and got wasted wasted wasted.

Very close to home, to minimise driving. But it was lovely. In terms of short term relief, about the best for the year....

1 comment:

Guinness_Girl said...

YAY on the no-cutting, and double YAY for good afternoons. :)

I'm proud of you.