Sunday, March 18, 2007

what we did on our weekend

1. Took meds to a sick pigeon yesterday. It was found in the road, probably hit by a car, showing signs of neurological damage. It will probably not recover. Should it be euthanased? In this case, mynah man says no. It's one of the ferals I homed with him, in a group which included 4 other "maybe" birds - as in, with time and a safe space, they may recover completely. Or they might be non-flyers. With this bird, mynah man and his partner are prepared to give it TLC and hand-feeding for life. I'm not sure, myself.
2. Fetched a little streaky canary, only to see him die within two hours.
3. Fetched a family of Egyptian Geese that had arrived on a small-holding. The people who lived there would have dearly loved to let them stay, but there are 6 dogs on the property, including 3 terriers. But they took the time (and lots of effort), and caught Dad and Mom, as well as the babies. Good prognosis there - the whole family will be rehomed tomorrow. Just need to find them a dam with no current goose inhabitants. And I'll probably end up having to transport them - worth it, though. 9 million bloody Egyptian geese rescued for one reason or another in the last three years, and I still love them. The babies are irresistible, sweet little brown and cream fluffies. It's the adults and the attitude that get me though - the places that they choose to nest, the determination with which they lead babies through the suburbs and across highways to water, the versatility with which they home themselves in shopping-centre fountains and urban swimming pools. And the knowledge that virtually every rescue where we don't succeed in capturing the parents as well is going to have a sequel next year where they do it all over again in the same stupid place. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be using us - I can just picture Dad saying to Mom something like 'you know dear, they're cute kids and all, but they're kind of stopping us from having fun. We've had them for ten days now...why don't we get those nice people from the rehab centre to come take them, and then you and me can hit the town a bit?'
4. As I told myself 'no,no,no', I told the shift leader 'yes,yes,yes'. And ended up leaving the centre with 2 mousebirds, 7 baby doves ranging from an inch to about three inches long, and 2 Rameron pigeons. Unlike most Rammies, these are very gifted and are eating on their own already. But shift leader and I both think they are just too little to go into an aviary - they still have yellow fluff all over! So they can stay in my home-clinic for an extra week, until they look big enough to turf out.
5. Received a text message from Duck Buddy last night saying 'Goose, I miss you. Love me.'. I haven't replied. I can't. I want to. Just don't know what I want to say. 'Miss you too.' 'Your decision, live with it.' 'Good, hope it fucking hurts you as much as it hurt me.' I don't know. So for now I'm just doing nothing.
6. Bought a motorbike. This has been tempting me for a couple of months now, so not quite a total impulse thing. My mother is going to wring my neck. My nephew will probably hero-worship me. A bit of a dumb thing, given that between birds and beasts, I'm not going to be able to use it that often. And I'm also old enough that I won't go out on it if it looks like I'll get cold or wet. The salesman must have thought it was early bonus time though. I walked in, he says 'what can I do for you', I said 'sell me a motorbike, please'. He did. Took all of about ten minutes. Was thinking about a cheapie unknown brand 185cc, ended up with a 2nd-hand Suzuki Katana-homage series 400cc. Beautiful. Sexy. Not very fast, tops out at about 150 km/h. Fast enough. An invitation to hooliganism, cos it's got no power at low revs, so you are just about forced to wind it and drop the clutch. And it gives me another choice.... headfirst and helmetless into a concrete overpass.
7. Went for lunch and had 4 beers. Suspect I might continue the mission and see if I can get to fall-down drunk before I do some more direct physical damage of the razor blade kind. Not as totally asshole as it sounds - that was the first thing I wanted to do this morning, and I've delayed it for almost twelve hours now. Think this years almost complete abstinence so far might have reduced my capacity substantially though. Might even get to go to sleep without the zopimed helpers. Fuck. I am an asshole at the best of times. But some days I even put extra effort into it, don't I.

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