Friday, March 16, 2007

weekends: better or worse...

So I gave p-doc the stash on Thu. Wish I hadn't. At least that was as close to guaranteed as one can get. If one has stupid hangups about neatness etc.

And then we spent most of the appointment talking about random internet stuff. Such as all the arb debates and discussions I get involved in. When really, I figure, net-names should consist of two parts; one your nom-de-plume, the second a bit that says 'and i have no right to an opinion because i'm a totally unqualified asshole'. For me at least. Other people could have them reflecting their skills and knowledge. At least I give p-doc something to laugh at sometimes, with the weird info I come up with. Or as he put it, there's so much to learn out there and I manage to find all the things he'd rather I didn't learn about. Knowledge is good. Knowledge is bad. Guess it depends on what you do with it.

I was supposed to work a shift at the rehab centre today. Weaseled out of it again, with a semi-acceptable excuse. I offered to take a Grass Owl out to a bird sanctuary south-east of JHB by about an hour for release there, and by the time I left there, it was late enough that I could beg off going back to the centre. Mostly my fault. I've been there twice before, and both trips were made without knowing really where I was going, but I got there fairly easily. Today I was just not focusing, forgot to take the map book (and no, there is no good reason why it is on my desk instead of in the car), headed off with this vague thought that I went to one East Rand town, missed it and found a signpost to the place I wanted to go to.

Didn't work. I got onto the highway I wanted to be on, and then started waiting to see a turn-off that was the one I wanted even if I couldn't remember what it was called. It was only when I crossed the provincial border that I started accepting that that wasn't gonna happen. I had the cell number with me for the guy I was meeting, but was too embarrassed to phone him. So turned around, found a highway that went to another town I didn't want to be in, but which I figured was closer than where I was. Drove around that town a bit before finding a road that went sort of where I thought I should be. And then lucked out by being on the back road to the place I needed to be. Hey, I can excuse it by saying I was orientating the owl. If he ever flies 200 kms away from where I left him, he can also look around with this vague knowledge of having been there before even if he didn't know where he was.

So by the time I got back to JHB, it was late enough that I could beg off the shift, and come home to be an invisible fuck-up instead of an obvious one.

Guess the only halfway constructive thing is that I started the 'dead list' again - stuff that I need to do first. The last one was on the PC that got stolen last year, and being an asshole loser, I'd never backed it up. The saddest bit of that is that everything that I'd kind of accomplished needs doing again. Will - also on the previous PC and not backed up. Mail - needs opening. Bills - need paying. Desk - needs tidying. Same old same old same old shit.

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