Tuesday, April 10, 2007

days...where are they going?

I was sitting here mid-morning wrapped in nothing but a bath towel, thinking thoughts of the household tasks that I really have to accomplish before my domestic worker returns on the weekend and disowns me.

And the first task leaped up and bit me - it's Tuesday, not Monday, and I was due at my p-doc halfway across town in less than an hour. Good thing I was already bathed, not much else about denims and a t-shirt takes much time.

After which, it was a back and forth progression across town, fetching and catching birds, until returning home to feed my birds and cats and dog.

I suspect it might be the meds, either the increase in Tertroxin, or the increase in Nardil. I sleep appallingly at night, waking up 5 or 6 times at least. But from about 09h00 until 17h00, I can achieve one succession of naps after another, literally waking only to feed animals before another small nap returns me to the couch.

Said to p-doc today that excluding cat and dog children, I don't want any more visitors. I have run out of caring. I know that I will take them because no one else will. But I wish that people wouldn't make me. I just want Joyce to come back and care for the dogs and cats, and then I want to go hide out.

Ha-ha. Good timing, just as boss discovers me and declares at least two meetings a week. He owes me though, because someone - and it wasn't me - stuffed up yesterday morning, and at 05h00 I was busy fixing problems I hadn't a clue about how had been broken in the first place. Think I might need that favour to claim.

I'm tired. I'm enough. I just want out.

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