Wednesday, April 11, 2007

they happen...days do...

...and then at least they end. Somehow one feeds the requisite number of small birds and animals enough food.

My vet called to say that although our variety is not yet implicated, there is another dog food scare, and until more is known she'd rather I avoided giving Zac anymore. He loved it - kitty kibble and stew for dinner!

I made a list of the currently scheduled meetings with boss, including this mornings rescheduling for tomorrow. Sent him a mail saying I was totally confused by all of the 18 variations of what I thought were actually only 3 meetings and got back a reply saying that today's one was actually already rescheduled. Never mind billing him for hours spent going to and attending meetings, I am tempted to bill at about 5 times my normal rate for the amount of time it takes to work out whether there is or isn't a meeting, and when it might actually be.

I did the washing, and hung it up. But it can stay out for the night.

I slept. A bath nap. A couch nap. Another couch nap after I drove to the corner shop for eggs. Have managed 4 hours awake, including cooking and eating of eggs. And three large vodkas.

I suspect it's not the meds, that it is purely the fact that I am a useless human being. Although Sam the cat reckons the fat squishy bits of me are good for kneading at least.....

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Guinness_Girl said...

I have gotten in the habit of napping EVERY SINGLE DAY after work. At least for an hour, if not 3. I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I prefer not to blame it on my own laziness. It's...allergies! Yeah, that's it! Allergies!