Monday, May 14, 2007


I know I've done at least one thing everyday in the past week, apart from Sunday. But most of the time has been spent napping on the couch. Chicken or the egg. I sleep badly at night, yet deeply and comfortably during the day. If I don't sleep in the day, I still sleep badly at night. Having repetitive dreams of the kind where you dream you are awake, and panicking, and then you wake up and you aren't sure if you actually were awake before, or whether you've just woken up for the first time. And you never can decide.

On the good side, CJ, a fat, blond, 3-year-old, male Labrador came to live with us on Friday. Zac gets on well with him, and I will too once he has settled in and stopped barking all night. His family are emigrating. His worst habit is that he carries muddy, wet, slobbery tennis balls everywhere, and brings them to be thrown for him all day. This morning I was given one in the bathtub. And he doesn't give up - he keeps bringing them until you throw it for him - and then, he brings the damn thing straight back and gives it to you again! Very sweet-natured, though. Hopefully this will help with Zac's burgeoning paranoia...

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