Thursday, May 17, 2007

funerals and baboons

busy, busy day for me. Saw p-doc this morning, BP is nicely in range for all the dizziness etc. Plus he suggests I eat at least twice a day. Not only do I not feel like eating most of the time, but as a fat person, there is a part of me that says 'yay' every time I ignore food, even when I know it doesn't help either diet, dizziness or apathy. So we're adding Ritalin again, and dropping the Nardil to 4, and anything else exciting has to wait till he comes back from San Diego's psych congress. He and I are both hoping there'll be some interesting info on DBS, cos after two full years with the best meds in town and no change, there's ECT and then the experimental stuff. And TMS just got turned down by the FDA.

Then it was off to play with a baby baboon for a bit, and give him his bottle. Too sweet, lies in your arms and holds it with both hands. And then it's play time. He needs this to socialise him, as he appears to have been a pet, but without much stimulation. So he'll spend a couple of weeks here learning to hang onto his bottle, and to do a couple of other baby things, and then he'll go up to the Northern Province to join other rehabbed baboons who are formed into troops and eventually released.

And then to a funeral, of one of my folks' oldest friends - he and my dad were at school together, and stayed friends forever. We all grew up with their kids, and calling them Aunt and Uncle. It was really sudden, and my folks are feeling awful, because they are in London, and couldn't be there. So my sister and I went. I'm not too bad at funerals, but this one, with a whole bunch of people I know or sort of know made me very uncomfortable. So I ended up afterwards standing on the outskirts looking like an idiot whether I tried to work out whether to go say hello to people or not. Total idiot.

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