Wednesday, June 27, 2007

almost missed it

something else that has come and gone was my birthday. Last week already, and I was so busy and tired all week that I forgot to post about it. Didn't forget to have dinner to mourn with family and friends at least. Just worked out that I did nearly as many work hours last week as I normally do in a month, and still fitted in fetching pigeons all over. This will only go into next month's salary as contractors bill two weeks ahead, but at least I shall have some cash at the end of next month. Need it, the way I've been blowing bucks at plant places.

Oh yeah, and in celebration of I don't know what, we had snow in JHB last night for the first time in 25 years. Woke up to dog kennels that looked like little ski chalets, with an inch of powder on the rooves. Can't help feeling guilty about the number of warm rooms and blankets I have, when so many people and animals will be out there tonight with little or no shelter. Silent prayer for them all.....

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