Friday, June 15, 2007

Duckling back in my life, I think

Since DB decided to 'end the friendship' a few months ago, I have been through patches of missing her a lot, and of relief at the lack of intensity. I am asocial, I have friends, but with a lot more space mormally. When I finished being hurt, I was relieved, more than anything else.
She sent the odd text message - I decided that they hurt too much to reply to. Then about two weeks ago, she SMS'd, I replied, we've been kind of taking it easy. And we'll have coffee on Monday. Nervous about it. She is one of my most intimate friends ever, but at the same time, she is almost too demanding. I want the friendship, but not the pressure - it's more intimacy and sociability than I can cope with. Yet it's an integral part of our friendship.
Best bit though, is that she is almost well. Everything sorted except some anxiety,and she is on Ativan for that. Key indicator? She is only seeing p-doc once a month, which means that he agrees that she is doing ok.

I need to write about Twiglet - yet another new member of the family - but need to do an update for her for the Andy-fund. So will cheat and borrow that for the blog.

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