Thursday, June 14, 2007

today sucks bigtime - except

Saw gynae for annual checkup last week. Mentioned really really heavy periods for first 3 days. Ended up having D&C plus strange IUD inserted under GA this morning. How convenient - same hospital as p-doc, so once I was awake, could go for weekly appt with him.

If I wasn't feeling shit enough, I can now add dropping Nardil. Another 4 months wasted. So now we are looking at Ketamine - something I picked up as experimental last year. Now looking reputable enough to try. What's the point.It wont work either.

Good bit was that I kissed him on cheek - as my birthday gift. Not what I dream of, but better than nothing.Yo....fantasies!


kevin bracken said...

ketamine is pretty amazing - give it a chance

jcat said...

Kevin, have you tried ketamine? As a legal one, I mean....
Tell me more?