Sunday, August 26, 2007

oh dear, how boring can i be?

Very, very boring indeed, if today is an example. After waking up to feed everyone, I lay in the bath for two hours more asleep than not. Then I read 'Jonathan Segal Chicken', which I got hold of yesterday. After 20 years of trying to find it, I walked into the local 2nd-hand bookshop, and asked the owner if he'd ever heard of it. After correcting me on the name, he reached over to a shelf behind him - and gave me a copy! Not finding it might have had something to do with calling it 'Jonathan Livingston Chicken'.

And after that, I spent two hours lying on my stomach dusting the rocks in my one flowerbed (that I'm still digging etc), and another hour positioning 60kg more of round river rocks. The plan was that the dogs wouldn't like walking on them. The truth is that they derive extra pleasure from hurtling across the bed. And then I have to go rearrange the rocks so that they aren't squashing plants and that there's no exposed ground.

I don't think that even Robert Pirsig would find much Zen-ness in that. Dusting rocks. Especially when they are next to the huge dust-bowl that my dogs have created in the garden. Never fear, I have a plan. Namely, 400 kg of pink rose-quartz, which will cover the lavender bed - this will happen after I have a)dug the bed and b)gone and bought lavender, and c)could involve mutilating any dog who puts paw on it. Point A is taking a long, long time though, and an awful lot of pick-work to break up the shale that lies 4 -6 inches below the dust. And I am very lazy.....


Gerbil said...

Well, hello there! I got your link request on my blog and figured it would be silly to post my reply (which is "sure! link away!") on my own blog. So--sure! link away!

I would say that I hope this makes your Sunday a little more interesting, but methinks that might be a big narcissistic. :)

Aqua said...

When my mom passed away I adopted her white boxer-Bert. We have a flower business and when my husband is digging in the field, or the garden, Bert always wants to dig. I always joked that Mom taught him to dig holes for her in her garden. My husband was incredulous about that idea.

Turns out Mom DID teach him...all you have to do is tapp the ground where you want a hole and say "dig a hole" and he does just that, It's too funny.

My sister confirms she saw mom teaching him this...maybe that would solve your dogs's desire to "garden" and your need for an easier way to create a hole!!