Friday, August 17, 2007

post between yawns...

....past my bedtime anyway, but for some reason I've been yawning all day. Maybe because yet again, the slow and leisurely start to my day that I've gotten to need was interrrupted. This time, to go and assess a rabbit catch. Yep, those wild and vicious feral bunnies are at it again. This lot have established residence in a stormwater drain, and produced 7 cute and fluffy offspring. And a whole bunch of people are really worried about what will happen when we start getting spring rains, as well as the probability of them getting run over when they sit in the road sunning themselves, or being turned into rabbit pie by vagrants who hang out in the park across the road. Conned cat-buddy into meeting me there this afternoon just before dusk to have a go at catching them. Only definite answer is that rabbit pie is unlikely - these babies know very well that safety is at least 6 ft into the pipes, and make themselves very scarce very fast. The rest of it they'll have to take their chances on. Best part was when cat-buddy started describing what we must look like - two fat middle-aged ladies lying in the road with their heads stuck into a drain, and how she could just picture the cartoon of us with a tyre track across all 4 of our legs. And when I phoned rehab boss to tell her of the notable lack of success, she started snickering as she told me that we had obviously failed because we weren't making proper carrotty-noises (which cat-buddy then told me was something she'd told boss earlier, that came from a Noddy book in her childhood, and which had had boss in convulsions for most of the afternoon).

After the morning's bunny-recon mission, it was out to the cat and dog welfare group with the lady who lives in the informal settlement up the road whose cat got me involved in the animals there when he was hurt over Easter. She wants to learn more, so that she can serve as a central contact point between the welfare group and the residents. So I took her through for a lesson in basic handling and initial assessment, which was really interesting for me too. And then back to not catch bunnies. After which cat-buddy and I convinced each other that going for a quick meal together was a good idea. It was, apart from the quick bit.

And to round off the evening, a phone-call from burns victim charity ex-neighbour, to tell me that there was a bad fire in one of the township areas, and to twist my arm into transporting her there tomorrow early with a load of blankets and other aid for the people who lost their homes. Which then means racing home again, because Gil the handyman will be here tomorrow, and I didn't get to buying the kitchen cupboards I was supposed to have bought this afternoon.

Shit....sometimes I remember how much I used to accomplish before I started feeling so down. And marvel that I regard a day in which I do (adding it all up except for supper) about 4 hours of stuff as being completely full and chaotic. I used to do a full shift at the rehab centre and still accomplish more than I do now. And still fit in some other work and going out. I want that back, soon. P-doc yesterday reckoned that we give current mix another week at different dosages, and then move on to plan # can't even remember what number this would be, if I was counting. His major achievement for the session though was conning me into giving up the unopened bottle of Nardil, which is 120 of the 274 - when I realised that he'd finally come up with a reason to give them to him that I couldn't ignore, I told him he was way too devious. Yes, he said happily, he's the most devious person I'll ever meet, but it's taken him years of practice and he only does it to achieve good things. Couldn't argue that either, so I guess next week he gets the bottle. Told him as well that he's the biggest giveaway as to whether something is worth keeping in the collection - the more he wants it handed over, the more likely it is to hurt, and the less likely he is to get it. On the other hand, if he doesn't nag, he's not going to get it either.
To bed, while it's still today.....

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