Wednesday, August 15, 2007

and again.....

...still sore, tired and stressed. At least I managed to put in a solid 9 hours or work, in spite of my satellite conn giving me glorious speeds of 3K on upload and (wow!) a whole 37K on download for most of the day. And having phoned their help desk on Monday to complain of similar bad's not worth even trying that route. Thick as pigshit? Nope, much much worse. It was like one of those jokes about support desk calls, only instead of the support desk dude having to be really patient with the user, it was the other way round. He had his list of questions, and oh boy, he was going to ask them all regardless of the answers I gave.

But managed to get a couple of things accomplished, anyway. No garden labour again, I am just too sore. After 3 days off, am beginning to think that maybe it's not all
self-induced by hard digging and hard typing. Am wondering whether some of it might be meds-related. I'll have to remember to ask p-doc tomorrow after I hobble down his long passage and yelp when I sit down.

One of the things I really dislike about his rooms is the long passage from the reception to his office. It's probably about 40ft or so, but he always waves patients ahead of him, so that he follows you all the way. And, thanks to DB, who pointed out that that's a long walk with nothing for him to look at except the patients fat ass wobbling ahead, I am so self-conscious about it! Not, of course, that I do anything different on the rare occasions where I take so long picking up birds that he goes ahead. Hell no, seeing as I think he has a pretty cute butt anyway, I take full advantage. Even though I know that I will automatically then blush when I sit down and look him in the face. Loser....

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