Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sore, tired, stressed...

- kind of a frustrating day. I took yesterday as garden timeout, because I hurt so much. And only spent 8 hours working at the PC. So today was supposed to include a good bit of garden labour and IT labour - I managed neither. This morning got interrupted by a call while still in the bath to go catch a genet. By the time that was done, I needed to go through to the rehab centre to drop him/her off, and then to see t-doc. Miserable appointment - all I wanted to do was just cry on her shoulder, but knew if I even started there was no ways I'd stop...just too low to go there at all. And then coffee with Duckbuddy. Which she insisted had to include a second cup, even though I really didn't want to - not because I didn't want to spend time with her, but because of timing. So ended up going straight into rush hour, and taking about 75 mins to get home. Feed cats, feed dogs, have a large drink. Give up on probability of anything constructive for work, and on gardening because it was already getting dark. Have another large drink, and cruise the net for nothing in particular.

I'd kick my butt for wasting an entire day on not having fun, not getting a physical workout and not doing any paid work either - but my knees hurt too much to get my foot that high, and my hands, shoulders and (I discovered today when DB and I were joking and I tried to flex biceps....)arms all hurt too much to find a way of getting my butt down to foor level!

So for today, signing off as an aching all ways loser....sleep well, y'all.

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