Friday, August 10, 2007

wicked duck!

- met DuckBuddy for coffee....she begged, nagged and twisted rubber arms till it turned into a glass of wine. Then she did the same again, because she only had half an hour before having to be at home - until I went to see her new house. And split a bottle of wine with her. Which - entirely my fault - was followed up with another two glasses when I came home. And no work. And I can't handle wine anyway - numerous double vodkas do way less damage than one glass of wine. Something to do with sulphur and anti-oxidants and colourants....even the best of the best will nail me.

And then , adding insult to injury, she msg'd me to say she was listening to Tracy Chapman, so I did the same. Sore head, sore heart, mood to slit wrists by.

T-doc is away for the week after p-doc, and then again for a week at the end of Sept. She said today though that she will be specifically seeing me - and I guess a few others - in the interim. Phew. No long, long month.

What was strangely unsettling though was that she said she has another patient seeing my ex p-doc. And patient phoned her in a total state because she'd called his rooms to make an appointment - only they weren't his rooms anymore. He's gone. So t-doc phoned, didn't get any more detail except that he has left the country, presumably with practice/life partner, cos some doc no-one knows is taking over practice, and moving it halfway across town. No-one is saying where they went, but rumour has it he had a couple more bypass ops - and health is what was given as the reason why he wasn't emigrating to the Netherlands, a few months ago. Part of me wants to say yeah, cool, it wasn't something I did wrong that made him act so horribly after I called him. Most of me though, just feels sad. T-doc said she still has a number of patients seeing him, and none of them heard a word from him about going. And that, in similar circumstances, she has always had a phonecall, or an email, if not a formal notification of the departure. Weird, really weird.

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