Wednesday, September 19, 2007

long-distance day

drove about an hour south of town today to fetch some tortoises. 12 huge buggers and 2 smaller ones. And had to wait for almost 3 hours for the guy bringing them from their home - problem was, they'd come from a farm in another province and we couldn't go there to fetch them without permit issues, so I'd arranged for them to be brought to the provincial border for me to pick up there. Really heartbreaking. This lady has had some of them for 31 years, made sure they were never isolated from other torties, sounds like they had a perfect home. And now her husband has died and she can't stay on the farm alone and has had to move to a town complex, where she can't take 14 tortoises. She has spoken to me at least 15 times this week, and every call has ended with her having to hang up because she's crying so much. So hard, to lose first your partner, then your home, and then your beloved pets.

We release that breed of tortoise in a private reserve, so I know they will still live well. But I haven't found the words yet to say that they won't be tucked up in bed each night. And I think somehow that maybe I shouldn't.