Thursday, October 4, 2007


Saw pdoc today. Didn't tell him how totally crap this week has been, although he can kind of guess by how much time I spend fiddling with the coaster on his desk and not talking, and by how much eye contact I can handle.

So, for the first time in two and a half years, he didn't ask about gym. And this is when I have something to tell him on said subject for the only time in just as long. Eventually I said to him that he'd missed a question. Which one, he asks. Gym, I say. His eyebrows go up and he asks 'and?', so I say that I signed up for one. He expresses great joy, shakes my hand, writes it in his notes, underlines it in red, gets even more overjoyed and circles it in red with exclamation marks. And tells me not to overdo it for the first week - 'don't go more than 6 times' he says. Ha bloody ha...little does he know the family history I can claim in my defence. My sister once became a member and stayed one for 3 years at a particular gym, without ever setting foot through the doors after signing up. Besides, six times in a month would probably be pushing it. I didn't want to admit that I had to stop and breathe heavily halfway up the stairs so that I didn't collapse at the entrance.....

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Aqua said...

I can relate to the amotivation you describe. My pdoc suggests the gym, or swimming almost every visit. I say, "yah, I'll try", or "I know it would be good for me", but even getting to the gym (without actually going there and working out)...just getting my foot in the door seems like an insurmountable task.