Saturday, October 20, 2007

mazel tov

to the mynah babies who ate by themselves for the first time today. About time too, 3 of them are already making short flights. At least, I presume that they ate something from the bowl of food that was liberally distributed around the cage.....

Mynahs always remind me of teenage hoodlums. Not only do they have extra-long legs that give them a bit of a bandy strut, but they also slouch most of the time. Added to which, they are incapable of quiet chat - it's always easy to find where the mynahs in the neighbourhood are sleeping, because from about 15 mins before sunset until full dark, they congregate in the chosen tree, and yell raucously at each other, and push and shove their neighbours. And of course, they often hang out on the side of roads, where, in spite of their propensity for jaywalking, they manage to avoid being hit by traffic most of the time. But when none of their friends are looking, they are still quite willing to cuddle up to mom!

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Aqua said...

Hi Jcat,
I want you to know I am here and I visit periodically. You lead a very interesting life in terms of all the little creatures you rescue. I will have to post my Bald Eagle rescue story for you to read...I know I said i would e-mail you, and I will, I'm just in a rain soaked doldrum state right now. I hope your "tick bite" isn't one. I have heard they can be very bad.
Thinking of you,