Thursday, October 25, 2007

gray skies everywhere

which are more in keeping with the mood anyway, than the normal sunny summer. Been a week of driving back and forth again, fetching little birds all over. I said to my rehab boss that it was quite safe for me to get up in the morning with absolutely no plans for the day because by the time I got out of the bath our receptionist would have filled the day for me. All I want to do is just curl up on the couch anyway.

Still haven't made it to the gym, which is kind of embarrassing. First problem is that before I can go to the gym, I have to go shopping for some tracksuit pants, and I can't summon up the motivation to go anywhere near a mall. And I'm too fat to get them anywhere else.

Pdoc today looked at me and said 'I think we should swap'. When I looked blank, he clarified, 'moods. You can have my happy mood for a week and I'll take your miserable one and just stay at home with it.' Then he thought about it and said 'except that you'd probably run off with it and not give it back, so I'll just have to keep my good mood. And fix yours instead.'. Ha bloody ha....been trying that for nearly 3 years now. Then we had a nice discussion about bird flu - he and I both have a sneaking hope that when bird flu really gets going it will annihilate vast numbers of people too. Big difference between us though, is that he figures he would be excluded, while I wish that - thanks to cuddling birds of all kinds - I'd be one of the dead. Would save a whole lot of mental agonising, if I could just go kiss a duck and die...

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Aqua said...

Hi Jcat,
I will go buy some sweat pants for the gym if you do...I have the same amotivation as you describe. Not sure how I can WANT to do something, yet avoid it like the plague. I think maybe we can help each other...I am going to go buy sweats on Monday at 11:30 commitment to you. And you?