Saturday, October 27, 2007

great achievement

for the month, never mind week or day....was getting myself to a shopping mall to buy gym sweatpants. Wow. Thanks to Aqua for the long-distance push. More of a mission than I thought, though. What I want is plain-coloured, Tshirty-material, elastic at ankles, baggy even though I am ginormous kind of pants. Only things available are skintight from the halfway down your ass waists to the knees, parachute material, not an elastic ankle in town, and most of all....not a hope in hell of me being comfortable in them, never mind them being baggy by design. Eventually lucked out and found one pair that is at least baggy - the rest of the criteria will have to wait. That's malls and me done until the week before Christmas.

So now I have one less excuse about gym. Over to you on the shopping, A!


Aqua said...

Congrats on a successful shopping trip...the pressure is on me now. I PROMISE I will go by Monday at 11:30am.

Next step? Get our sad, sorry butts to the gym. I suggest we set a goal just to GET goal to exercise or anything
...just set the days we will go each week and go there those days. What do you think?

I am so happy you managed to get out and but the pants...I get panicky just thinking about going top the mall....Aqua

Aqua said...

I got my sweatpants...what a nightmare.

Three times a week sounds good. I will commit to Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 9:00 am for 1/2 hr.